December 26th,2020 My trainer, Rnata Duff, explains benefits of the various “tortures”. Next Ray Solano, RPh., M.B.A., C.C.N. will help us unerstand why some people get extremely sick with covid-1


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I am not sure how many will be listening to the radio the day after Christmas, but I am a bit compulsive about providing fresh shows if possible. In Saturday’s live show, I will first ask my personal trainer, Renata Duff, to explain the benefits of the various “tortures” [😊] she puts me through and why you might want to try them. This is a video she made of a workout to do when the gym closed during the lockdown. To learn more, click for a book she enjoys and recommends as easy to read.

Next, Ray Solano, RPh., M.B.A., C.C.N. of PD Labs Pharmacy. will help us understand why some people get extremely sick with covid-19 and others have only mild symptoms. We may also discuss the difference between Asian health care and ours…as well as why such a large percentage of Americans are sick.

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