July 24th, 2021 Guest: Peter A McCullough, MD and Dr. Darcy Brunk


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Peter A McCullough, MD, our superstar covid-19 truth reporter will give us his first weekly update by phone. Also see the Bill Sardi reminder at the bottom of this description.

Would you like to feel younger and stronger for longer? Of course. We all would. Humans have been looking for the “fountain of youth” for eons. To still pursue our dreams well into our golden years, most of us need to repair some body parts or functions that have degenerated over time. Dr. Darcy Brunk will help us understand that we can rejuvenate, regenerate and be energized by the same miraculous natural force that built our bodies from a fertilized egg—and has continued to heal us our whole life. This natural power is profoundly more effective at repairing any physical problems than the most sophisticated medical therapy science has ever developed. Unfortunately, our supply of it fades as we age. Great news! We can replenish and enhance our reserves of that powerful life force and do so with complete safety using Infiniti Cell Regenerative Therapy. Feeling younger and stronger does not get old! Call for a valuable but no-charge consultation and/or a free book, Stem Cells Made Simple (800) 507-6509.

COVID ALERT - Bill Sardi wants to remind us that a lot of what looks like covid-19 is really the symptoms of vitamin B1 deficiency. Getting a vaccine won't help that. Read this for more details and what to do.

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