March 6th, 2021Guest: Sherry Rogers MD


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Sherry Rogers, MD is accredited in 4 -medical specialties and is the author of 16 groundbreaking books. Topics range from diabetes an-d depression to heart disease, pain and detoxification. At the Prestige Publishing website (or call 800-846-6687) you can purchase any of her titles, subscribe to her extremely well-researched newsletter and learn how to make a telephone appointment with her. Give the discount code P129P to save 20% on books and newsletter. I plan to ask her about vitamin D receptors on cells, “long haul” covid-19 aftereffects and what she thinks about the vaccines. I also have some listener questions about grape seed extract and other topics we may or may not get to.

UPDATES: Link to video lecture I mentions about covid-19 deceptions.

Article about the vaccine deaths in Israel

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