May 29th, 2021 Guests: Dr. Michelle Ewer and Bill Sardi


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This Memorial Day weekend, I feel moved to discuss ways that we can help our veterans, especially those who are homeless, and/or are suffering with PTSD, depression or addiction. (We will also talk about things that can help any of us.) My guests include Gracie Loveridge from the Dallas Life Homeless Recovery Center. As the name implies, they do more than simply shelter the homeless.. (oops, can't connect right now.) I will talk with Dr. Michelle Ewer of the Thermography Center of Dallas about how they help vets, including using their remarkable Body Light Pad. Later in the show, Bill Sardi will be with us to discuss how nutrition can help recovery.

10 Top Rated Charities for wounded veterans. They have been checked out in Charity Navigator for having a good record of using the donations for the stated mission.

For some additional Memorial Day inspiration, listen to a past show where I interviewed a decorated American hero, a Green Beret, John Wayne Walding. He and just 11 comrades survived a horrific battle against 250 enemies—an event so incredible that a book was written about it. John lost his leg in that fire fight, but he continued to serve and later competed successfully in marathons.

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