Burdock Teacher with Julie Charette Nunn


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Julie Charette Nunn, Crow’s Daughter is a shamanic herbalist and long time teacher.

You can find her under her apple tree, amongst her large thicket of wild roses or in her wild garden conversing with the plants. She teaches listening as a way to gain access to the abundant wisdom in nature. She offers apprenticeships, shamanic mentorships and wholeness sessions as well as nourishing herbal products. Julie is creating a new online class with the working title, “A Well Nourished Life, The Teachings of the Compassionate Plants.

Learn more about Julie at CrowsDaughter.com. In today's episode you'll hear Julie narrate her wonderful essay on burdock. Thank you to Julie for sharing this audio, and thanks to you for listening! Please consider leaving HerbRally a written review in iTunes, or your podcast player of choice. Also, to learn more about The Art of Frugal Nutrition, CLICK HERE. Until next time! Mason www.herbrally.com

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