The Menstrual Map with Elaine Sheff | PART 1


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Today’s episode is brought to you by the Green Path Herb School.

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It’s a 5 day online seminar taught by Dr. William Franklin.

You’ll learn:

  • How to do an intake with a client
  • How to develop client rapport
  • The skill of detailed charting
  • Formulation strategies
  • How to create useful intake forms and client sheets
  • And more!



Menstruation, typically a taboo subject in our culture, can be a rich source of information about health and well-being for both women and their practitioners. But what is normal menstruation? Join herbalist Elaine Sheff of Green Path Herb School to take a deeper look at how to interpret the fertility cycle by creating a menstrual map. This class focuses on hormonal balancing, as well as addressing herbal actions including reproductive antispasmodics, emmenagogues, hormone balancers, phyto-estrogens, progesterone encouraging herbs, uterine astringents, and reproductive tonics.

*This class was recorded at the 2015 Midwest Women's Herb Conference.

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