114: Talk Triggers - The Complete Guide to Creating Customers through Word of Mouth


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Word of mouth is the most important way to grow your business, yet nobody has a strategy for it.

We just assume that it happens, without realising that we have to light a match to create the spark to cause the conversation.

Nobody has ever said, "Hey, let me tell you about this perfectly adequate experience I had." Because that's not a good story.

You need a ‘Talk Trigger’ to give your customers something to talk about.

In this episode of the HerBusiness Podcast, you’ll learn how to create a ‘Talk Trigger’ for seriously memorable – and shareable – customer experiences.

"These companies realised that if they came up with a word of mouth strategy, they could spend less on advertising and end up better off at the end." Jay Baer

Your Talk Trigger can be something that’s free or cheap, as long as it’s relevant and remarkable.

And customers will love telling the story of how you surprised and delighted them that day.

Listen to this podcast episode with Jay Baer to discover:

  • Why your business needs a word of mouth strategy
  • How to use the power of the ‘Talk Trigger’ to give every customer a memorable – and sharable – experience
  • The steps to create a remarkable, relevant, repeatable and reasonable ‘Talk Trigger’ for your business
  • The five types of ‘Talk Triggers’ and how to choose one that’s right for your business
  • Why the ‘Talk Trigger’ must be for every single customer, every single time
  • That word of mouth isn’t really marketing, it’s operations that create a marketing advantage

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