135: Meant for More, with Lisa Sasevich


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What’s one thing that people always pick your brain about?

Something that you love doing, that you’re really good at and that you just can’t stop helping others with?

This is your unique value.

It’s the gift, the talent and the knowledge that you can use to make a difference in the lives of others. And, you can turn it into a business that makes money without needing to be pushy or salesy.

For so many women, the thought of pursuing sales can be so overwhelming that they don’t make that leap. You don’t ask for the sale, or you bungle the opportunity sometimes undervaluing what you do, or not making a compelling offer.

But instead of pursuing sales, what if I told you that you could invite pursuit?

You can package up your expertise, the thing you’re really known for, and turn it into a profitable business that you love.

Listen to this episode to hear Lisa talk about:

  • Making your offer irresistible
  • The formula for getting past perfection
  • Two simple exercises for uncovering your “Million-Dollar Value”
  • How living an inspired life can accelerate your growth
  • Why organised knowledge is critical to scaling your business
  • Why making peace with sales and learning to invite pursuit is how you can get more out into the world in a much bigger way
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