158: The Clear Week


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Do you tend to get close to burnout, no matter how organised you try and be around how you spend your time? Maybe you don’t even realise it and that exhaustion gets you by surprise throughout the year.

And, maybe you want to have a year that has a little more ease about it in the new year. You want to do lots of interesting projects, but you don’t want to feel the burnout that can come with doing more.

If any of that sounds like you, you are in the right place.

In this episode, I give you a strategy that has worked well for me and will work even better for me in the new year. And, that is the Clear Week.

What is Clear Week? Like it sounds it is a week that I clear in my schedule. It’s not a vacation week. And it’s not me doing ‘nothing’. It is a week clear of the noise of busywork. And, I plan for this week at very specific times of the year.

Firstly, right AFTER a big promotion. And, also a few weeks before you dive headlong into a busy period in your business.

Listen to discover:

  • The one strategy that will help prevent burnout and exhaustion
  • When to schedule your “Clear Weeks”
  • Why it’s not self-indulgent to give yourself more time out to think
  • How spending more time thinking is what your business needs from you right now.

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