165: The Energy That Makes Things Happen


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Running a successful business takes energy.

A ton of energy.

So, how do we create more and more of the energy that makes things happen? The energy that has you feeling GOOD as you do what you do each day. The energy that puts you a great mood and builds your confidence.

Loving what you do.

Doing what you love.

Feeling like there’s a good exchange of “give and take” of energy with others around you.

There are some specific things that you can do to bring up your energy and to fill you with life force.

Right now, there are things that you’re doing OR not doing that are likely impacting the enthusiasm and energy that you bring to your business every day.

There are things that you are doing that GIVE you life force and things that DIMINISH life force — energy.

In this episode, I give you the six things you can do right now to create an abundance of the energy you need to make things happen in your business and your life.

Listen to discover:

  • How to reclaim your energy when you feel depleted and ‘wiped out’
  • Why eliminating the naysayers and people who want to see you stay small from your life is a priority that will give you energy
  • The most important energy booster for women business owners who want to create success and results (and it’s nothing to do with facials and day spas)
  • Why ‘aha’ moments are a gateway to feeling more alive and enthusiastic about your business
  • How leaning into your existing abilities and skills will boost your confidence to take bigger risks and try new things in business

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