170: 7 Reasons You Are Not Getting The Clients That Are Meant for You


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You have a product or a service that you KNOW people need.

But, you're not getting as many sales, and you know you want.

You're settling for fewer clients than you could have.

What's happening?

And, what can you do that will turn the tide and give you a flow of new clients coming your way?

I recently interviewed hundreds of women business owners who were experiencing low sales and noticed seven things they were doing that kept them from reaching their full income potential.

I'll share these insights with you in this episode.

One of these is a TOTAL game-changer.

And the antidote I'll give you works even if you've found yourself backing away from asking for the sale in the past, and you won't need to buy any high-cost technology or training.

When you can overcome these reasons, you give yourself 7 ways to get new clients without feeling salesy…

So, if some days you feel like you're settling for fewer sales than you're meant to have in your business, then what I'm about to share is for you.

Take a listen.

I’ll be diving deeper into this topic at the Get New Clients Coaching Week from 8 - 14 March.

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