175: Why You SHOULD Work on Tasks You Can't Invoice


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“My biggest challenge is finding the time to market and pitch myself outside of paid projects.

I know I need to do it to ensure a consistent pipeline of clients in future, but I can't shake this weird feeling of guilt and worry when I'm not working on tasks that I can't invoice.”

I loved this question from HerBusiness Member, Brittany, because it’s a trap that we can ALL fall into.

We sell something and then we spend time delivering it. And that delivery time can be really intense, especially if you’re a solopreneur.

While you’re busy making "the thing", delivering the training, doing the consultation, presenting the brief, doing the copy-editing, designing the website etc. etc., you have little time to focus on getting new clients.

Clients want their jobs. And they want them now. And there’s just you, doing all the things.

Maybe there’s someone helping you, but the responsibility of delivering the product or service is still squarely on your shoulders.

Meanwhile, the pipeline of potential new clients isn’t being filled and you can find yourself in a cash flow crisis and with lumpy cash flow.

So, how do you move away from good months and bad months to also working on projects that don’t immediately put money in your pocket?

In this episode, I share the three areas that we focus on to ensure that we are at all times attracting, converting AND keeping our ideal clients. It’s a simple, yet powerful way to think about your business.

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