Objectively, Projections Are Flawed


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We heard you missed us; we're back! There are tons of things to cover in the world of fantasy baseball:

*So many transactions! 15+ players/situations to discuss

*MLB changing the baseball and actually TELLING us about it??

*Can there be objective truth in fantasy?

*How much we should use or "rely on" projections

*Battle of the Podcasts draft review (courtesy of @draftchampagne)

Thanks to everyone for putting us over the 5000 listen mark!!!


Dave McDonald and Jake Halusker are consistently successful high stakes players in the National Fantasy Baseball Championship, and they share with listeners their strategies and experiences of competing in the highest levels of fantasy baseball. Listen to the guys who have done it before to learn how to win your leagues! Please take a few moments to rate and review the podcast on your platform of choice; we really want your feedback. Thank you so much to those of you all-stars who have done so already!

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