'New Majority Ready': A Latinx-Owned Company Putting Multicultural at the Forefront


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One of the things we like to do from time to time on the podcast is to highlight a Hispanic business on the rise. Hopefully by hearing their stories, it can galvanize you to start your own business or inspire you to take a bold new step in a different direction. The Hispanic company we’ll be focusing on today is New Majority Ready (NMR), a global marketing and content company which helps media companies get ready for a new diverse and inclusive age.

As 2020 approaches with its presidential elections and a new Census study, all eyes will be focused on the power of American diversity. Led by Jackie Hernandez, former COO of Telemundo and former publisher of PESP, and Oswald Mendez, former EVP of Marketing for BBC America and CMO of MundoFox, they have joined forces with the mission to help businesses and brands rethink 'Multicultural' and get New Majority Ready.

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