Ep 12 Happy 4th Everyone!


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Today's show topic: Happy 4th Everyone!

What happened in Masonic History Today?

Today in Masonic History George Michael Cohan is born in 1878.


In this episode, Today is a short episode. We do not have an interview included due to not having enough time to allow for editing of an episode that size. However we do touch on the recently passed TMR 300 celebration in Alexandria, VA. Did you attend? Let us know what you thought! St. John's day also recently passed. Gardner Lodge celebrated the occasion by having the lodge attend service together followed by a lodge picnic out at the secretary's amazing homestead. Did you know the finger of St. John the Baptist is right here in Kansas City?! For ALL this and not much more join us for this week's episode. Afterwards join the conversation on the Facebook group (Historical Light Masonic Research Group).

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