Negotiating Sucks - Getting Everyone What They Really Want


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Most people “suck” at negotiations–even if they think they don’t; says today’s podcast guest. Negotiation is all about handling emotions in the moment, and how you’re used to handling your emotions is why you probably suck at negotiating. You can be an experienced negotiator because you’ve done it many times or a lucky negotiator who has managed to come out on top more often than not. But none of those things help you navigate the minefield of emotions—which means that when those emotions come up in a negotiation, you’re unprepared to handle them.

Richard “Capt’n” Henderson and Shelby interview Gaëtan Pellerin (, who argues that negotiation isn’t about skills or knowledge, but about being able to perform under stress, while you’re experiencing emotions. Gaëtan Pellerin is the author of Mindful NEGOtiation: Becoming More Aware in the Moment, Conquering your Ego and Getting Everyone What They Really Want. Subscribe to Home Business TV ( Home-Based Business Start-Up Guide (;

Subjects discussed in podcast include:

  • What made Gaëtan Pellerin want to write a book on Mindful Negotiations?
  • Why negotiation is more about Ego
  • What are the four biggest myths of negotiation?
  • what are four simple steps to close more negotiation deals?
  • When negotiating, how do you become more aware in the Moment, and conquer your ego?
  • How do you get everyone what they really want?
  • How can we obtain that ever-elusive goal of a win-win negotiation?

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