140: The Summer Recap & The Fall Pivot


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[Cue Ross Geller: PIVOT!] We’re looking back on the Summer of 2020—the pandemic challenges, the cultural complexities, the big changes in our own lives and in our communities—and breaking down what it all means for the Fall of 2020 for us personally and professionally. We talk about what learning looks like in a pandemic and how we are emphasizing a deeper cultural and self awareness in this unique season for ourselves and our kids. We’ll be talking about our specific fall plans in our next episode!


  • What do we do with all the “empty” time without co-ops, adventures, etc? Dealing with our own and our kids’ emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing is huge and important work in this time. We give ourselves and you permission to focus on that as much as we need to right now.

  • Take your time: We don’t have to be adapting to every new thing and transition with ease and speed.

  • Learning happens all the time: Our kids will keep learning and growing in their academics even if we don’t focus on that every day, AND we can also take advantage of more days at home to embrace more traditional learning.

  • How many Zooms is too many Zooms? We’re always trying to find the balance as we are online more with social distancing, connecting online with family and friends, homeschooling, distance learning, and hybrid-schooling.

  • The most powerful learning our kids might experience this year is knowing that we will listen when they tell us they don’t want to do something, like yet another Zoom class.

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