144: Raising Confident Kids (Raising Ourselves, Too)


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Raising confident kids can be inconvenient, uncomfortable, and challenging--but it's so worth it! And we can't talk about raising confident kids without talking about raising ourselves, too. This important work is woven into what we do every day through listening to and trusting our kids, modeling how we show up in the world, and advocating for ourselves and setting boundaries. Watch your homeschool learning atmosphere come alive and your relationships blossom as you and your children embrace and express yourselves more fully TOGETHER.


-What our kids say and think matters-- they know themselves and what they need MORE than we do.

-Listening to our kids and valuing what they say will help them learn their voice is important.

-As homeschool parents, we make lots of plans, but listening to our kids when they tell us something isn't working and changing our plans sends a strong message that our kids can listen, value, and trust themselves.

-What do they want to learn? How do they want to learn?

-We want them to be able to advocate for themselves as adults, so we have to know it starts at home, it starts with us.

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Listener Review

chemicalhippos, 09/16/2020

"Not only is this my favorite homeschool podcast, it’s my FAVORITE PODCAST. I listen to every episode and have recently started working through the back catalog. I’m a young mom and my kids are still young but I find so much reassurance in Maren and Angela’s stories about homeschooling and raising older kids. They are like the cool older sisters I never had and inspire me to chill out and focus on connecting with my kids instead of forcing them to do workbook after workbook. I also love getting a glimpse into their long and beautiful friendship. It’s a privilege to be a part of. "

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