154: Unrefined Education: What Have We Learned From Pandemic Schooling?


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This is a special pilot episode of a new project: Unrefined Education. The last year has given us an opportunity to change how we do school, so we want to take a look back at what we've learned from a year of pandemic schooling and imagine how we can use this last year as a catalyst for real change. We'll cover the state of school, how kids actually learn, and what we propose schools can and should do to prioritize child and teen mental health as we reopen.

About Unrefined Education

If you’ve listened to Homeschool Unrefined for a while, you know we are passionate not just about homeschool, but education in general. We’ve always had kids and how they learn at the heart of our work. Unrefined Education is a manifestation of this thinking. We’re going to talk about not only homeschool, but how kids learn and what they need in all settings. We’re going to talk about schools, policies, and what we believe could help in the public realm.

Our goal is to reconcile the inner workings of children and the way we teach them. We want to understand their minds, hearts, bodies and wills in order to create an ideal learning and living environment for every child. We not only want to make learning better for the typical learner, but we want atypical learners to thrive. We want the same opportunities and joy for children of all races and socioeconomic backgrounds. We believe learning should be joyful, challenging and motivating. Not punitive, restrictive and harsh. We are here to open up the conversation that we, as adults, have the power to make the changes needed not only for our own children, but for our communities, country and world.

We'd love if you would share this episode with anyone you know who's also interested in transforming education.

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More About Homeschool Unrefined

We are an inclusive and nonsectarian podcast. We believe Black Lives Matter, and we are LGBTQ+ affirming (for more, read our piece on Romper). We are listener supported and are donating 10% of all Patreon income and product sales to The Conscious Kid, a Black and Brown-led organization that has been instrumental in our own evolution and in leading the way in both ideological and tangible change with their work in “parenting and education through a critical race lens." Read our full ABAR Statement here and on Instagram.

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