YouTube Fishing Legend John Skinner Shares His Monster Bass Secrets


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John Skinner is a humble groundbreaker in striped bass fishing; he stumbled unknowingly into YouTube stardom by quietly and unassumingly filming himself as he taught us how to use tackle we all had, but had been using incorrectly, or not as effectively as could have been. Anglers anxiously await his next post, knowing that it may well provide the detail that could change their fishing fortunes.

Skinner approaches his fishing like a true scientist, and the results prove it. He regularly brings in massive fish and lots of them when the rest of us are standing on the beach scratching our heads. John doesn't need $300,000 boats, or rod and reel setups that are unattainable by the average working person. He uses normal gear, lures, and tackle that most of us probably already own to catch fish most people only dream about. On top of that, he freely shares his knowledge and wants to make you a better angler too. Thanks to John for being on the show, and for being such an asset to our industry!

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