How To Get Unstuck And Start Living Life To The Fullest | Lizzie Azzolino, founder of Until Now


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Are you living in the present moment?
In this week’s episode, I talk with Lizzie Azzolino, the founder of Until Now. Lizzie
believes that the days of traditional, linear career paths are behind us. Instead, she champions careers that meander and evolve as we change as people.
She is convinced that stories are the most powerful tool for unlocking change, inspiring new possibilities, and creating shared understanding.
Together, we discuss:
• The power of storytelling, both internally and externally
• How exploration uncovers the best possibilities for growth
• How to equip yourself with a broad toolbox of skills for any occasion
• The importance of living in the present moment
• The power of “I am” and getting to know yourself
We talk about Lizzie’s journey embarking on a traditional career path before diverting.
It was when she gave herself permission to explore and took a year out that she began to truly learn who she was and enjoy the fruits of her labour.
Lizzie is certified in a range of individual and team coaching methodologies and works with individuals, teams, and organizations during moments of transition, helping them discover new ways to think, work and thrive.
If you want to learn more about Lizzie’s work, click here.
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