#78 A Different Way of Thinking About Breast Cancer with Carol Lourie


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In this episode, Dr. Doni and her colleague, Dr. Carol Lourie [@carollouriehealth], also a naturopathic doctor, talk about how to prevent and recover from breast cancer by giving women the support they needed all along.

Carol points out that 1 in 8 women will experience breast cancer in their lifetime. After assisting her close friend through breast cancer treatment, and observing what worked and what was lacking, Carol was inspired to help other women.

Now Carol uses nutrition as well as Chinese medicine and homeopathy to help women to prevent side effects, such as anemia, during chemotherapy treatment, and then to recover from treatment and prevent a recurrence.


In this episode, Carol explains:

-How cancer cells do whatever they want

-We need to make our bodies inhospitable to cancer

-Cancer is a metabolic disease

-How to feel EMPOWERED against recurrence

-Why she suggests to let go of adversarial language related to cancer

-Why it’s important to listen to messages from your tumor

-How processing past trauma helps to prevent cancer

-Sugar feeds cancer


Breast cancer can become an illness like any other chronic disease in that it requires ongoing support and treatment. It’s important that women have a feminine and compassionate approach to addressing what caused the cancer in the first place.


We also talk about how to eat in a way to prevent cancer, and other health issues, including a discussion of the Mediterranean Diet. And why being willing to prioritize selfcare is essential.


As Carol says, “we’re supposed to be able to do everything ourselves” is an unfortunate message that needs to change.


In her program, Path of Breast Cancer, Carol has helped thousands of women to navigate breast cancer and prevent it from coming back. If you or someone you know has been looking for this kind of support, be sure to check out Carol’s website at www.CarolLourie.com.

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