How To Build A Team


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Pam is a Digital Marketer who helped various North American and Australian companies in project management since 2009. She developed a wide variety of skills to become a Master in Virtual Project Management. Through hard work, passion & eagerness to learn the newest trends in the industry, plus the gained credible experience Pam had in the past, it helped her better understand the demands & goals of Great Work Online's clients and take their businesses to the next level. On the other hand, David started his banking career in 1984, gained extensive experience in the fields of Accounting and Finance. He is also a Mortgage Broker, which enables him to meet people from different walks of life. Master in the Art of Public Relations, good rapport and strong work ethics, David has earned the trust and confidence of clients and business owners. Pam and David's skills and experiences combined, they started Great Work Online to fulfill one great vision and mission - to help business owners free up their time by guiding them into building a team and helping them learn how to delegate, and most importantly provide jobs so no one will have to leave their family behind.

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