#321: Hours Logged Versus Real Productivity w/ Nick Goldberg


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In this HRchat episode, we look at the correlation between the number of hours logged and employee productivity.

Bill Banham's guest is Nick Goldberg, CEO at Ezra, a provider of digital coaching. Listen as Nick also reflects on a recent study that suggests Americans are clocking 1,864.8 work hours per year. The survey suggests, however, that the American work ethic differs drastically from one state to the next.
Listen as we consider which is the “hardest working” state in the US, reasons why the number of hours employees log doesn't always stack up against expected output and we ask what leaders can do to get more from their employees.

About Ezra

Founded in 2018, Ezra is the brainchild of Nick. Having spent years working in the HR and Talent Development space, Nick was frustrated by two things: 1) the knowledge that coaching was the most impactful means of people development, yet it was only available to those at the very top of an organization and 2) the gulf that existed between the beautiful simplicity of consumer applications, and the often ugly and unwieldy software many are forced to use in their workplaces.

With the support of Ranjit de Sousa, the Global CEO of LHH, Nick set about building a team that could deliver accessible coaching at scale whilst leveraging the convenience and ease of use that everyone expects from apps they use in their personal lives. Learn more at helloezra.com.
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