Plant Parenthood


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Learning to care for a plant can be such a rewarding experience, but how do you go about managing 120+ of them under one roof?!? Plant lover Sarah Penny joins the podcast giving us some insight as to how she cares for the literal jungle she has here in the city of Cincinnati. When Sarah isn't caring for her plants or her squad of senior Chihuahuas, she is managing a popular social media page called "Jungle in the Nati" where she shares tips and tricks that any plant enthusiast can appreciate. It's a magical place where you'll find an abundance of plant education, a beautiful botanical aesthetic and a bunch of ridiculously funny voice over videos. (Tic Tok / Instagram / Facebook) New to the plant game, Bryn and Laura ask the deep rooting questions that can help guide anyone and everyone to grow a green thumb on their own. Is it bad if your pots don't have drainage holes? What is propagation and what makes it the perfect gift? Why are people camping outside of store fronts overnight just to buy plants and is there a method to the madness? Join us as we grow a green thumb and attempt to learn how to propagate success in plant parenthood.
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