Test Driving Our Patience


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Buying and selling a car can easily become an overwhelming and expensive experience for the unprepared. But even if you have absolutely no knowledge behind cars, there are ways of properly educating yourself enough in order to land a great car and an even better deal with confidence! Bryn and Laura are revving up their engines this week to talk about some of their experiences of buying and selling used cars while sharing their recent story of having to practice extreme patience during a test drive . With adventures on the horizon and a reassessment of a family car in order, Bryn is in the market for a newer SUV while Laura does her research of trying to find just the right fit. What's the best way to find that perfect vehicle? How do you know if the price is just right or that you're being taken advantage of? Which is better, a private sale or working with a car dealer? Is there a way to guarantee that what you're buying will last long term? These are the questions you don't want to miss the exit for, so put it in cruise control and join us as we talk about test driving our patience!
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