The Baggage of Dating


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When it comes to dating, everyone has baggage in one way or another. Some of those bags tend to feel a bit heavier when carried into your next relationship and can really effect the way you handle yourself in positive and negative ways. On this week's episode, Bryn and Laura unpack some of their own baggage from previous relationships talking about some of the ways they've embraced the saying "it's either a lesson or a blessing". Laura talks about her experience of playing the field fresh out of a divorce of 7+ years before diving deep into her attempt of trying a polyamorous relationship. Bryn unpacks some of her baggage by sharing her personal story of cheating on a girlfriend before answering the question everyone is asking; "Can you really be friends with an ex?" We all have a past but it's how you react to it that can truly give you the growth needed to be able to have a healthy and open relationship with a potential life partner. So be sure to swipe right and join us in conversation as we talk about unpacking the baggage of dating!
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