The Magic of Halloween


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Halloween is a magical time of the year for both children and adults alike. Whether you prefer to play tricks or seek treats, it's a holiday that truly embraces the spirit of imagination requiring only one thing to participate; a costume. It can be store bought or a fully committed DIY job, but either way it doesn't have to break the bank. Bryn fabricates a fortune tellers costume while Laura tries her hat as a magician by only using things already in their home. Bryn reminisces on old costumes while sharing her experience of trick or treating as an aunt for the first time this year. Laura shares the struggles she felt as a kid by wanting to play more of the masculine roles at Halloween time only to realize the role that drag has had around this holiday for her. In night full of screaming children jacked up of sugar, we all know what's really in the parent's yeti cup as they stroll the streets for trick or treat. But what's in some of these kid's candy bags? From Dental Floss to light up swords we're talking about some of the bizarre things we've seen handed out from the "candy bowl". This episode is no tricks and all treats so put on your best costume and join us as we discuss the Magic of Halloween.
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