A new abelisaurid that "causes fear"


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Dinosaur of the day Erketu, a titanosaur with some seriously long neck vertebrae.

In dinosaur news this week:

  • A new abelisaurid named Llukalkan was found in Patagonia including a nearly complete skull
  • Analysis of the cretaceous rock in Mongolia shows a climate similar to Southern California
  • In Fujian Province, China, scientists have found a “dinosaur dance floor” with over 600 tracks uncovered so far
  • A large theropod track was found on the Yorkshire coast of England
  • The T. rex Trix was scanned, 3D printed at full scale, and assembled for a new dinosaur museum in Nagasaki, Japan
  • The Missouri Institute of Natural Science in Springfield is having a raptor run
  • Dinosaur National Monument is reopening the Quarry Exhibit Hall on May 1
  • McAllen, Texas has a Dinos and Dragons Adventure Park from now until May 15
  • St. Louis Post Dispatch shared 5 places people can dig for dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals
  • Universal Studios Hollywood recently updated Jurassic World - The Ride to include a 55ft long Indominus fighting T. rex

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