A raptor with extra long claws


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Dinosaur of the day Lessemsaurus, a Triassic sauropod that was large for its time in what is now Argentina.

In dinosaur news this week:

  • A new raptor, Shri devi, was about the size of a Velociraptor, but had longer claws
  • Jinyunpelta had a fancy biphasal bite which switched direction mid-chew
  • The Utahraptor block is about 15% revealed and they are raising money to complete the rest
  • Dippy the Diplodocus is finishing up its tour before being bronzed and permanently housed in a garden near its original home
  • RuneScape has three new dinosaur-like bosses to battle
  • A motivational dinosaur named "cucumber" on social media is reminding people to finish everyday tasks

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