Getting Real About Being a Mother Artist with Brandi Hoffer


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Since becoming a mother in 2014 Hofer has been involving her children in her painting process, creating a 44-piece series with her first son and will soon be launching a new collection with her other 2 children in fall 2021. Brandi continues to be extremely prolific with her 3 little boys at her in-home studio, creating several bodies of self-motivated artwork, custom commissioned pieces, stunning large-scale interior/exterior murals, prints, custom artwork, & working with designers. Tiny hands play a role in all that she creates!

Hofer is a well collected Canadian Artist, exhibiting internationally and across North America. Her main focus is figurative, abstract and portraiture painting, she explores themes of empowerment, positivity, love, and inclusion.

Her work has been featured on national television and can be found in international publications. She has experience in creating custom artworks for designers and translates her artwork into large-scale murals. Hofer has attended residencies at Red Deer College, Toronto Island, the Marnay Art Centre outside of Paris France, and Montreal, Quebec. You can listen to her interviews about her life and process on several podcast platforms. Her work has appeared in HGTV’s House of Bryan, and featured in a General Motors commercial. Most recently herself and her family have partnered with a HUGE brand for an international commercial, but shhh we can't share just yet!! Stay tuned!

Brandi Hofer's studio where she works and creates is located in the Canadian prairies. Hofer studied in Red Deer, Alberta, at Red Deer College from 2004 - 2006 before transferring to the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design in Halifax, where she completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2008.She has been ambitiously pursuing her career upon attaining her BFA degree.

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-Choosing to move closer to family

-How personal loss can open your eyes

-Melting together family and art work

-Post Partum Depression and the NICU

-Spending time with kids in the studio

-E-book she released

-Pennyland Shen

-Burn out and recovery

-Mentoring People

-Having goals

-Getting Outside to Fight Burnout


-Deciding what you can and can’t do

- Words of advice to moms who want to be an entrepreneur

-Finding role models

-Don’t get on a path that makes you miserable

-Work together

-Everyone starts somewhere



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