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Lucas Spivey has traveled to all 50 states to build a business school for creators. Born in MN, raised in rural WI, AK, SC, and GA, and living between WA and MA, he’s moved almost every year of his life. In 2016, he scrapped his Ph.D. plans and built the Mobile Incubator - a recording studio inside a ‘57 camper towed by a ‘73 ambulance. He has sat down with thousands of artists, performers, writers, designers, makers, and other entrepreneurs in every state. Their hard-fought wisdom inspired him to forget a Ph.D. and instead found the collaborative school Culture Hustlers. Culture Hustlers is a 12-month cohort that builds a creative business model. In just 4 - 8 hours a month we build one part of a business thru podcasts, documentaries, webinars, one on one coaching, and more. Lucas is also the founder of the experimental art center 17 Cox. Lucas received his BFA in Interdisciplinary Art & Art History, and his MBA in Finance and Accounting. Since 2010, Lucas has pioneered a 100% experiential learning model for thousands of individual creators. He develops educational programs for higher ed including Harvard University, Ringling College of Art & Design, and MIT. Lucas also produces and hosts podcasts, documentaries and photo essays on cultural entrepreneurship for city governments, business incubators, and service organizations like Arts & Business Council, ArtPrize, Artists Thrive, and Artist Inc. TOPICS COVERED: -Navigating Higher Ed -BFAs, MBAs, and PhDs -Starting a Bussiness -Why he travels and learned from creatives all over the US -Why he started Culture Hustlers -The most important lesson in Culture Hustlers -Stand out faculty he has worked with and the lessons they have taught -Number one block he sees in artists -Thinking Creatively/Creative Problem Solving -Books that have inspired him to live a creative life -Goal Setting and much more! RESOURCES: I Like Your Work Podcast Studio Planner Instagram Submit Work Online Exhibition-Drowned Neon Rose Observations on Applying to Juried Shows Culture Hustlers Lucas Spivey Website 17 Cox Lucas Spivey Instagram Culture Hustlers Insta Culture Hustlers YouTube Culture Hustlers Podcast

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