Ancient Healing Traditions Meet Technology: Therapies For Mental Health And Addiction With Dr. Donese Worden


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Mental health has been present since the beginning of time. This is something the human race can't get rid of. People back then were using ancient healing traditions to deal with it. As people and technology progressed, therapies have gotten more effective. You have cold water therapy, red light therapy, and more. These all come from ancient traditional healings with a more technological edge. To learn more about these types of therapies, join your host, Tim Westbrook and his guest Dr. Donese Worden. Dr. Worden is an award-winning physician-researcher and global health educator. She is the owner of REPOWER Medical Clinic and is a naturopathic medical doctor. Learn all about mental health issues and what therapies you should use to solve them. Also, learn about the importance of gut health and rotational diets. Live a better lifestyle today!

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