'We - The North' with Valerii Maximov


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IceBreakers welcomes Valerii Maximov, Senior Trade Commissioner of the Russian Federation in Canada, former Minister of Economy of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and Advisor to the President of the Republic. Valerii will share the stories about the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) - the world's largest administrative and territorial subdivision, a homeland for such known start-ups as InDriver and MyTona. We will also learn more about Yakut language and culture, success stories of cooperation with Canada and how the Canadian North is similar to that of Russia.

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00:00 intro

00:42 Introducing Valerii Maximov

1:48 5 X France Territory

4:33 Career path

7:53 $100,000 question about Canada - Yakutia cooperation

9:46 The Sakha People

10:39 Why Canada?

11:52 The Nothern Forum

13:30 Canadians in Yakutia

14:36 Canada – Norway

16:29 Spring-like weather of -35 in Yellowknife

18:48 First Nations routes

21:52 Bisons don't mind the virus

24:21 More multinational projects in the Arctic needed

26:03 The Polar Express project 2025

27:51 Yakutian creativity, mining and unmanned electric vehicles

31:22 What does the future hold for Canada and Russia?

32:52 What made Valerii Maximov a leader?

33:35 What does the future hold for Valerii?

34:25 Conclusion

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