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It’s spooky month here at Ideal Remake and your host, Sam Gasch (@SamGasch) is not all that great at spooky/horror movies. Luckily he has help from guest host Scott Carelli (@ScottCarelli)! And Scott knew that the right person to bring in a movie that neither he or Sam had EVER heard of was Pat Driscoll (@patdsez)!

And that’s why, today, for episode 101, we’re talking about the movie DEMONS!!

Demons is a gore-centric, Italian, spaghetti horror movie! Did Sam know what that meant going in? Absolutely not! But Pat and Scott are here to clear it all up and remake this movie is the brilliant splash of carnage that it deserves!


Scott Carelli – @ScottCarelli

Pat Driscoll – @patdsez


Host: Sam Gasch – @samgasch

Artwork: Jason Hammons (@JasonHalftones on Instagram)

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