Letting It Go


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Recorded Pre-Pandemic and still, if not more, relevant today than in 2019.

Why is it that when someone sells a business, people feel like the business failed? What is your business exit strategy? Small businesses are personal and our personal feelings color our expectations of others.

No one lives forever, and no business goes on forever. So what does your ultimate transition look like? To quote every insurance commercial ever, Have you planned for the unexpected? Denial gets you nowhere. Recognition of reality is key to successful transitions.

Proactive or forced, business transitions are challenging. Selling, ending, stepping back, get your 6 trusted advisors. Who are those advisors? Besides the attorney and accountant, those advisors are key to a successful transition.

Michelle and JoyGenea talk about limits, preparation, and making decisions in advance. And how to manage internal and external expectations along the way.

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