Pierre Lindh #63 - Tim Heath, Founder of Coingaming Group & Yolo Investments General Partner (Crypto future + iGaming)


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From establishing his first venture capital firm in 2017, Tim Heath continues to draw upon two decades of experience within the iGaming and emerging technology industries. He was an early adopter of Bitcoin in 2013 and is also the founder and CEO of the Coingaming Group, which operates the leading, globally recognised crypto gaming brands, Bitcasino.io and Sportsbet.io. He orchestrated the Sportsbet.io principal sponsorship of the English Premier League team Watford FC, which included placing a Bitcoin logo on their shirt sleeve which was seen by billions of people during the 2019/20 EPL Season.

Tim specialises in transforming ideas into successful businesses and with over $200m+ assets under management has a keen interest in Fintech and Blockchain focused disruptive ventures. His latest investment is in an app called coins.io, which is a decentralised wallet, utilising the lightning network and sitting on top of a layer of connected banks and super nodes around the world to take crypto to the masses without them even realising.

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