IDTT Wine 484: Erin Scala Looks Deep Into Lake Garda


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Erin Scala explores the long history and many recent changes in the area around Lake Garda and in the Bardolino wine zone, in the northeastern Italy.

Erin speaks with a number of different winemakers and specialists to clarify the situation around the evolution of winemaking in the Bardolino zone, from Roman times to the present day. She addresses the shift in the area in recent years towards rosé production, and explores both why this has occurred as well as the historical precedents for it. She enunciates how the wineries in the area vary in their choice of technique, and describes the different styles of the resulting wines. Erin examines both the shifting cultural and climatic settings for the wine production of this area. She explains how this Lake area - now well within Italy - was once at the border with Austria, as well as the recent effects of climate change there. She discusses the typical foods of the place, as well as the microclimate created by its defining feature: the lake. Erin also looks ahead to what wine styles may become more prevalent in the zone in the future.

If you have not kept up with the rapid changes for wine within the Bardolino zone in recent years, this episode is a complete and crucial overview of the situation on the ground.

This episode features commentary from:

Gabriele Rausse, Gabrielle Rausse Winery

Luca Valetti, Cantina Valetti

Roberta Bricolo, Gorgo

Francesco Piona, Cavalchina

Marco Ruffato, Le Ginestra

Matilde Poggi, Le Fraghe

Daniele Domenico Delaini, Villa Calicantus

Andreas Berger, Weingut Thurnhof

Fabio Zenato, Le Morette

Franco Christoforetti, Villa Bella

Giulio Cosentino, Albino Piona

Angelo Peretti, author of the book "Il Bardolino"

Katherine Cole, journalist and author of the book "Rosé All Day: The Essential Guide to Your New Favorite Wine"

Special Thanks To:

Irene Graziotto

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