Spoiler Warning – A Murder is Announced (1950) by Agatha Christie


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Here we go: another Agatha Christie-centred, spoiler-filled discussion betwixt Moira, Brad, and myself, this time looking at her highly-regarded Jane Marple mystery A Murder is Announced (1950).

You know the drill — we’ve read it, talked about it without being coy regarding details as one normally would in a review, and are here to pick it apart for your entertainment and possible fury — so I feel no particular need to go on.

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The next Spoiler Warning will be October’s discussion of After the Funeral (1953) as per the vote, at which time I’ll probably put up another poll so that you, the listener, can vote for which Christie titles you would like us to discuss in 2022. Assuming anyone has any interest in that, of course.


The third and final series of In GAD We Trust will continue in a fortnight; all previous spoiler-filled discussions can be found here.

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