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What would happen if you started honoring exactly who you are, instead of judging it all the time? We have so many tools to help us understand ourselves better, and Human Design is one of them. Similar to astrology, it uses your birth date, time and location, to depict your unique human configuration. It’s definitely woo-worthy, and worth learning more about! Lori Crawford joins me today to give us an overview of Human Design.

If you want to take the time to generate your chart before the conversation begins, here is a link:


One thing I know about myself that has been affirmed through Human Design is my ability to channel and organize ideas for other people. I consider this one of my superpowers and have decided to lean into it even more this year! Bring your puzzles, and we will channel the solutions together with intuition, deep listening and lots of grace. It’s like a brainstorming session —> upleveled. You will leave with ideas, confidence and a plan of action to move forward. Click here to book your Idea Hour. www.kellycovert.com/ideas

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