Mandy Harvey, Singer-Songwriter (Amanda Lynn Harvey)


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After fully losing her hearing in 2007, Harvey became depressed and quit music. However, with the aid of visual tuners she learned how to find the correct pitches when singing.

Heather has known Mandy for the last 10 years, and we will hear Mandy’s ups and downs accepting her total loss of hearing, and her journey to sing again and love life. Mandy has recorded three studio jazz albums between 2010-2014. She has also performed at the Kennedy Center.

In 2017, Harvey appeared on America's Got Talent, season 12, where she took fourth place. The same year as her America's Got Talent appearance, she published a memoir with co-author Mark Atteberry, Sensing the Rhythm: Finding My Voice in a World Without Sound.

Mandy released 2 new songs recently:Masterpiece this past March, and Bought Myself Roses in June.

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