Ep. 135 - Spilling My Guts & Unfollow The Rules


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Today's ep is a little different. Chelsea reads a vulnerable email she sent to her email list, sharing where her heart and mind is at lately.

She also invites you to Unfollow The Rules, a 3 day workshop going down Oct. 19th - 21st.


DAY 1 - OCT 19th: Finding your Inner Rebel. The one that wants to wear black on her wedding day, or shit, maybe not even get married?! The one who wants to shave her head despite society constantly commenting on her luscious locks. The one who wants to do a pole dancing class even though her normal weeknights consist of watching The Bachelor or OrangeTheory classes. On day 1, we are going to work on mapping out your desires, including how you TRULY want to express yourself. We’ll be coming up with an action plan and moodboard to allow you to step into this version of you.

DAY 2 - OCT 20th: Boundaried TF UP. Quieting your Inner Good Girl an letting your Inner Rebel shine is scary tbh. Most of us fear being judged, shamed, criticized, or embarrassment. On this day, we are going to work on releasing those feelings, then setting healthy boundaries to protect your glowing energy. AND, we are going to practice this live with partners. So the next time Aunt Sally wants to slide her glasses down her nose and ask “but darling, why haven’t you found a man yet?” you have a VERY clear, concise, and badass way to let her know…it ain’t none of her biz.

DAY 3 - OCT 21st: Unleashing your Music Video Vixen archetype. Now that you’re boundaried UP and have a clear outline to your desires of self-expression, it’s time to let your BODY anchor it all in. TLDR; get ready for a SEXY AF dance party. This isn’t your mom’s Zumba class. We’re gonna twerk, shake, gyrate, and mooooove bb! It’s going to be fun, liberating, exciting, and a damn good time.

If this sounds like a party you wanna join, you can do so here.

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