Akari Shigeta, (Pt.2) Director of the Doll Division VOLKS Inc. on In The Doll World doll podcast


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In The Doll World podcast and Youtube channel is joined by Akari Shigeta, Director of the Doll Division VOLKS Inc. creators of Dollfie and Super Dollfie lines. This is Pt.2 of our interview and our first interview with an interpreter and we want to thank Ann for being so amazing at it. This interview is in Japanese and English.
Part 2 shares with us the beautiful "Omukae Ceremony (Welcoming Ceremony)" that allows you to deepen the bond with your Super Dollfie. The ceremonies are done at their doll museum Tenshi-no-Sato, located Saga-Arashiyama, Kyoto. Akari also shares how they coped with COVID-19 as a family and as a company. We also get to listen in on the fascinating and varied ways VOLKS, Inc. incorporates many ways to get articulation and movement into their dolls and the sweet story that lead to how the Super Dollfie got started.
VOLKS, Inc is about creating happiness and memories through hobbies and dolls that continue to connect people all over the world. “VOLKS” originates from the German word “volk”, which means “people” or “for the people”. VOLKS dolls are a part of you, part of your family, so much so that you are able to have a beautiful ceremony to welcome your doll into the family, which we share within our interview.
To get more information about VOLKS, Inc and the dolls they produce, please visit
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