Byron Lars, Fashion Designer, Owner of In Earnest & former Barbie® Signature Line creator on In The Doll World podcast


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It's FANGIRL TIME again!! BYRON LARS, joins us on in the Doll World podcast.
We cannot say enough about Byron Lars, he is an iconic fashion designer, owner of In Earnest and former Barbie® Signature Line creator responsible for 16 beautiful, gorgeous and fiercely styled fashion dolls.
He shares with us his unique doll journey. He also talks about the complexities of creating fashions for dolls and not humans and how involved and long it was even with a team of people to bring dolls to market.
As a designer he knew how important it was to showcase those amazing hues of blackness and hair textures to the world, but what he didn't know, expect or was aware of was how much his dolls impacted so many women until he would meet them and they would tell him how his dolls changed their lives and how they saw themselves.
To learn more about Byron, his dolls and his fashions, please visit
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