Garrett Sander, Conceptual Creator of Monster High Dolls & Principal Designer with Moose Toy on In The Doll World doll podcast.


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MONSTER HIGH DOLLS, GARRETT SANDER in the house. Conceptual Creator of Monster High Dolls and Principal Designer with Moose Toy on In The Doll World doll podcast.

Garrett's wonderful creative spark was initially ignited by his parents, who never said certain toys were for boys and girls, so he grew up playing with all kinds of different toys growing up! From He-Man and She-Ra to Barbie and GI Joe figures. Which gave him a huge canvas to dream about wanting to create toys.

One of his professors heard him talking about wanting to go into toys. She connected him with a USC Art School alum who she knew was working at Mattel. Although he secured an interview at Mattel however he was still in school and couldn’t start working just yet, but they said they would keep him in mind - and they did call about a year later, he interviewed again and in 2004 started as a Packaging Designer at Mattel!

It was on the My Scene Team that Monster High was born.

He was able to work in various departments, one was the entertainment team where he also worked on Barbie: Dreamtopia, Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures, with the DreamWorks team on She-Ra.

We also get a peek into what it's like being on the inside and get to hear what is truly needed to bring these toys and dolls to market within a big company. You also get to hear who really determines what goes on the doll and toy shelves.

After 14 years a job opening came up at Moose toys, a small Australian based toy company so he made the leap where he has created others amazing toys within that company and so much more.

To learn more about Garrett Sander, his dolls and Moose Toys, you can visit

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