302. Trump vs. Big Tech (Again), Woke Finance Schemes


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The Heartland Institute's Jim Lakely, S.T. Karnick, Justin Haskins, and Nate Myers present episode 302 of the In The Tank Podcast, broadcast live on YouTube and Facebook

The ITT crew talks about Donald Trump's lawsuit against Facebook, Google, and Twitter. they also discuss how Congress is considering an overhaul of America's credit-rating system that would substitute sound financial management with the social justice goals of woke leftist activists.

Show notes:

1. Trump suing Facebook, Google, and Twitter



2. Woke Finance Schemes

Congress considers credit-reporting overhaul, including putting government in charge of scores


Democrats also want to use a revamping of the Federal Housing Finance Agency to “expand affordable home-ownership.” This “equity” push is precisely the same path that led to the 2008 housing crash.


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