From Century General Store with love - care packages, paying it forward and putting compassion at the heart of your business


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Today, I am delighted to be joined by a business who has been name checked a number of times in our past series - Nadia and Stevie from Century General Store. The past year has been a time of significant change for them, not least in them choosing to close their bricks and mortar site in Abbeyhill, Edinburgh, (which is now operated by Common Coffee) - but also in their voice becoming central in discussions around social justice, tackling inequity and inequality and in championing kindness and care at times of great upheaval.

We talk to Nadia and Stevie about the evolution of their business, we reflect on the tumultuous past year and talk more about how they put honesty and compassion at the centre of their business. I found them both such gentle, positive energies to be around - definitely one to hunker down with a mug of tea with. Enjoy!

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