Opening Aeble, Scotland's first cider shop and taking the leap into retail with Grant & Jaye Hutchison


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Hello and welcome back to Independent Thinking. Thank you so much for your comments about our first episodes of the series so far, they both seem to really have resonated with you, which is what we’re all about!

This week, we continue our exploration of partnerships in business with Aeble, Scotland’s first and only cider shop brought to you by husband and wife team Grant and Jaye Hutchison.

Many of you will know Grant from his days as drummer with the band Frightened Rabbit, but might be less aware of this love for cider. Together with his wife, who has worked extensively in the world of art and set design, they have opened Aeble, in Anstruther in the East Neuk in Fife to showcase and celebrate indie cider producers from around the world. We talk about big life changes, moving out of the city, the power of collaboration and how far cider has come.

Regardless of whether you’re a cider lover or not, prepare to be won over and inspired, in this story of following your passion and taking the leap. Enjoy!
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