Trusting your instinct, Instagram vs reality and tales from the rural high street with Flora Shedden, of ARAN Bakery and LON Store


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This week’s guest is the wonderful Flora Shedden. Many of you will know her from appearing on Great British Bake Off back in 2015, but she is now the proud owner of ARAN bakery and LON store in the village of Dunkeld, in rural Perthshire. ARAN and LON, founded in 2017 and 2020 respectively have both become a real draw for food-lovers to the village - with their array of artisan breads, beautiful jars and tins with tastes from far-flung destinations, as well as groceries, homewares and flowers - but getting both ventures up and running were not without their challenges.
We were so delighted to speak to Flora about the evolution of Aran, Instagram vs reality and the future of rural high streets (as well as a cameo from Sorrel, her beautiful dog). Enjoy!

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