Bootstrapping to over $250k MRR - Baird Hall, Churnkey


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Baird is a 4x SaaS founder based in Charleston, SC. His background is in sales, marketing, and support. He bootstrapped and grew two SaaS companies to over $1M in ARR. When he isn't working on Churnkey's sales and marketing, he is on the water with his wife and daughter.

What we covered in this episode:

  • The big challenges faced when bootstrapping
  • Did Baird always want to bootstrap
  • Why leave a job to start a company
  • Did he ever get funding from utalk
  • How did Waave come about?
  • How to avoid quitting when times get tough
  • Getting early customers in for Waave
  • What was different when they launched Zubtitle (108k MRR)
  • Why they started a new business completely
  • Why churn is such a difficult problem to solve
  • Is it harder or easier to do B2C vs B2B
  • How to manage context switching
  • How to make time to run 3 huge businesses at once


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